Equip AI Agents
with Actions

Large Language Models (LLMs) often lack context and struggle to act in real-time.

Monoid changes this by turning APIs into Actions, enhancing LLMs' ability to get relevant context and act on users' behalf as an Agent.

Create Agents in Minutes

Select a Foundational LLM, an Agent Type, and some Actions.

Just provide your API

Choose which parameters the AI Agent controls.

Test your APIs as Actions

Simulate an AI Agent using your API in response to natural language.

Chat with your Agent

Talk to your AI Agent as it leverages multiple Actions.

Share your Actions and Agents on the Hub

Help create a vibrant network of Actions and Agents.


Learn more about how Monoid can help your business.
Shopping Assistant
Have an AI Agent act as a concierge for your business and recommend your products conversationally.
Customer Support Agent
Allow your customers to self-serve and resolve issues with your AI Agent.
Workflow Automator
Let your AI Agent handle manual repetitive tasks in IT, engineering, or operations.

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